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Photo courtesy of Karen Verschoor

Welcome to my shop.  Some pages are still  under construction but you may find something you like amongst the items we've posted thus far.

Some of the hats and bonnets are available now.  Others have already been sold but most can be replicated for you, if you wish.  If you require a perfect color match, it is best if you provide the fabric.

I'm always happy to discuss custom construction of  Regency, Victorian and Edwardian hats and bonnets to suit your needs.  If there's something you require that isn't presented here, please let me know.  I may be able to accommodate you.

My hats and bonnets are constructed of buckram, felt,  straw or wired frames, depending on the era and style.  Where possible, I use natural materials.  If necessary, I use modern materials that closely resemble their period counterparts.  Be assured, you will never find hot glue used in the construction.

I design and construct my patterns and blocks based on original items, photos and illustrations.   On occasion, I will make use of original patterns published during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  These will be noted in the descriptive text.

I'm fortunate to own an original chalk ware bonnet block c.1852-59 that I use to make blocked and wired straw blanks of the oval shape seen in daguerreotypes of the mid-19th century.  A blank is the basic straw base that you may then decorate using the fabrics and trims you choose or I can decorate one for you. 

    SASS and Old West Reenactors, the hats and bonnets shown for the 1870's and 1880's are suitable for your events.  Steampunk costumers may also be interested in the 1880's items. If you don't see what you need, please inquire.  In most cases, I'm able to work from photos or illustrations.  

Tea Society members, please peruse the Edwardian/Titanic section.  More hats will be added as time allows.

Please take a look around the shop.  Ask questions.  I'm happy to be of assistance.




December, 2010:  A new post ACW bonnet, "Isabella" has been added to 1850's and 60's Hat and Bonnets.  A new style of 1870's-90's small bonnet, "Martha," has been added in 1870's Hats and Bonnets and one more new style, "Jocasta," has been added to 1880's hats and bonnets. 


In addition to the bonnets, I've begun uploading my personal period clothing study collection for sale under "Vintage Clothing.."  The time frame ranges from the 1850's to early 20th Century. More items will be added as time permits. 

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