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Style "Anna" front

Flat crown, 2 inch-deep side band, 3 inch arched oval brim.

Hats created using woven straw are $65, ready for you to finish (see below.)  "Anna"  and "Carrie" are now available in a medium width braid. Instructions for completing these hats are included.

If you would prefer to build a hat on your own, a braid body, unwired and unblocked is available for $30.  I will block and size the crown for you in either the "Anna" or "Carrie" style.  It will arrive with a 3.5-4" brim that you may reduce by removing 2-3 rounds of braid.

These straw hats are suitable for young ladies' spring and summer wear.  They are hand-blocked, sized and wired.   The woven straw bodies used for these hats will vary a bit but will be of a plain weave suitable for the period. If the weave in use when you order is a concern to you, I'll be very happy to send a photo in advance of your order.

To keep costs as low as possible for the young ladies who are most likely to wear this style, I've left a few things undone.  You will have to finish the underbrim of the woven straw versions with silk or a ruching of ribbon to cover the raw edge of the straw .  You will also need to decorate the crown with a ribbon band and streamers and flowers, ribbons, feathers, etc. on the front and/or a bow at the back.  Thin round elastic or ribbon ties may be used to secure the hat under the chignon and wider ribbon ties may be added to be tied under the chin. Again, instructions are included.

The standard crown depth is approx. 2".  The standard brim width is approx. 3".  The crown is blocked in an oval to fit a standard size 22. When ordering, you may request adjustments to these dimensions on the woven versions only. Braid can sometimes be blocked a tiny bit larger but can only be made smaller by adding a filler under an added sweatband.

Completion kits, consisting of 3 yards of vintage rayon ribbon of your choice, a round elastic to go under the chignon and cotton for the sweatband are available for $8.  Additional ribbon maybe purchased for ties or brim decoration @ $2 per yard.  I regret this vintage ribbon is available in very limited quantities so I must limit purchases to my hat and bonnet blank customers and only in amounts required to finish the hat or bonnet.

If desired, I will complete the above hats for you with finished prices ranging from $95 to $150, depending on the extent of the trimmings required.

Here is "Anna" fully trimmed with a black silk ribbon band and streamers, a velvet bow and ostrich tip decoration.  The underside of the brim is faced with light blue silk.  The sweat band is of cotton with an elastic stay to go under the hair at the back.  This may be replaced by ribbon ties, if desired.  The bow and feathers may be replaced by flowers and the silk on the underside may be of a different color.  As shown, $145. Please click on picture for additional photos.



RIBBON!!  I now have some lovely vintage rayon ribbon for trimming your hat.  Above is an example of a simple band, composed double loop bow and tails.  A variety of colors, styles and widths are available. Click the photo above for more choices. Pricing for each is $2 per yard.  Ribbon is also available as part of a completion kit.



"Atlanta" is shown with a simple band of vintage striped rayon ribbon with a cockade of pinked and fluted silk taffeta and striped ribbon.  Other ribbon choices are available. The underside of the brim is faced with silk. The crown is lined with cotton. An elastic band and grosgrain ties help to keep the hat in place. As shown, $135. SOLD.  Please click on picture for additional photos.





"Ashley" shown dressed in loops of vintage aqua moiré' rayon ribbon.  Other ribbon choices are available. The underside of the brim is faced with silk. The crown is lined with cotton. An elastic band and grosgrain ties help to keep the hat in place. As shown, $140. SOLD Please click on picture for additional photos. This trim style may be used on other hat styles.


This is a straw version of the "Samantha" Mousquetaire" or "Postilion"-style hat based on an original in the collection of the V&A Museum, London.  As shown, she is partially completed and ready for you to decorate. The brim has been curled using an antique hatter's curling shackle and hand-bound using milliner's grosgrain ribbon. The crown is lined with cotton. An elastic band helps to keep it in place. As shown, $150. SOLD Please click on picture for additional photos and options. The straw used may vary based on availability.


"Heather" is Glengarry style straw hat based on an original.  She's fashioned from blocked woven straw.  The lower edge is bound with wool braid.  The lining is open-weave cotton.  She's decorated with a double cockade of plaited and fringed silk topped with a vintage ostrich plume and streamers of cotton grosgrain ribbon. All hand-sewn. AVAILABLE NOW. $155 as shown. Please click photo for additional views.

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