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  I'm fortunate to own an original chalkware bonnet block, c. 1852-59.  The block creates either the round, halo-like brim or the oval  and flared brim shapes that appear in daguerreotypes of the period. Click on thumbnails for larger images. Click the arrow to the right of the gallery to scroll through all the styles available.




A very open weave bonnet. As with the other straw bonnets of this shape, the brim must be lined or bound to cover any raw edges. This photo shows the neck edge bias-bound with silk. 150.00

All straw bonnet forms are ready for you to add bias-binding and brim lining (if desired) , curtain and ties. A frill of stiff net should be added to the interior of the brim where it touches the head to help keep the bonnet in place. Alternately, a ribbon bonnet stay may be employed. You may purchase a completion package consisting of stiffened cotton net for the frill, cotton net to line the curtain and sized open-weave cotton to line the crown with instructions for an additional $7. Hand-dying is an additional $7.

With a few exceptions, the straw bodies shown here can be made up in any of the blocked straw shapes for regency, cottage bonnet and most of the 50's-60's straws on this page.

In July, 1855, Godey's stated, "Lace straw bonnets, mixed with, or made up over crape of various colors, are much worn."



This is an example of a fully-decorated "Nellie" plain-weave straw bonnet, shown at the top of the page. Silk gauze is shirred to form the brim facing.  White rayon moire' ribbons are utilized as dressy ties.  Please click on the photo for additional images.

This bonnet, fully decorated as shown is $225. Sold


   "Ruth" blank. This shape was popular from the early through the mid-1860's.  It's made of a very light weight blocked straw with a decorative open-weave band.  The cheek tabs are pinned together above to show the shape when tied. $75. Please click on photo for additional images.



"Ruth" decorated. This blocked and wired low brim straw spoon bonnet is suitable for the early to mid-1860's.  It features bias binding, ties and a net-lined curtain of plaid silk taffeta. The inner crown is lined with open-weave cotton. The utility ties are of silk ribbon.  A gathered strip of cotton net helps to keep the bonnet in place.  An added decoration of face flowers under the brim would be a lovely addition.  Very light weight and perfect for summer wear. As shown, $155. Please click on photo for additional images  Sold This bonnet can also be custom-made for you in your choice of colors.


"May" is a blocked and wired straw spoon bonnet trimmed with a yellow silk bavolet, vintage off-white English rayon tulle "cap," fabric and paper flowers with hand-made cotton leaves, silk utility ties and eggshell moire' rayon ties. The interior features a cotton net frill to help keep the bonnet in place and an open-weave cotton headliner. $175. Sold. Please click on photo for additional images   

"June" is the same spoon shape as her sister, "May," but in a plain weave straw. The periwinkle blue curtain and brim binding are complimented by picot-edged vintage rayon ribbon, hand dyed silk utility ties and vintage rayon hand dyed fashion ties. Handmade cotton and linen flowers and leaves decorate the crown and underbrim. As shown, $185.Sold. Please click on photo for additional images.  This bonnet can also be custom-made for you in your choice of colors.

  The is the "Geraldine" straw, fully decorated with a navy blue silk curtain and coordinating vintage rayon moire' ties.  The brim is blocked in an oval shape and faced with pale peach silk drawn on reed.  A very full net frill surrounds the head.  The exterior is decorated with blue, brown and cream silk taffeta made into ribbon. As shown, $175.Sold. Please click on photo for additional images.  This bonnet can also be custom-made for you in your choice of colors.


  "Beth" is the straw version of the "Jenny."  This one shown is blocked using a bao straw body woven in an intricate design. If you have problems with standard bonnets being too small for you, you may order this bonnet in a slightly larger size.  Other straw options are available.  "Beth" may be purchased as a blocked, wired and sized blank for $80 or decorated from $165. Please click on photo for additional images. A completion kit consisting of sized cotton net for the curtain liner, sized open-weave cotton for the head liner and a ribbon bonnet stay, with instructions is available for $7.   "Ruth" in blue. The dark royal blue bavolet is lined in black cotton net.  The crown is decorated with a draping of lighter hand-dyed vintage royal blue rayon taffeta ribbon that matches the fashion ties.  A garland of handmade cotton leaves and white linen flowers falls across the left side.  The under-brim is faced with pale peach silk drawn on a reed to form a narrow frill.  A ruching of net fills the area above the head.  A ribbon bonnet stay helps keep the bonnet in place. $175. Sold Please click on photo for additional images.   "Laura" is a blocked straw demi-bonnet based on a fashion illustration dated 1864.  This one has a multi-layer bavolet consisting of plaid silk taffeta, vintage cotton lace and vintage rayon ribbon.  The brim is bound in the same taffeta and edged with cotton lace.  A garland of vintage cotton daisies decorates the underside of the brim. Vintage rayon moire' ribbon form the ties. "Laura" may be ordered in a variety of colors for the bavolet and ties.  Lace and floral decoration will vary based on availability. SOLD. $165. Please click on photo for additional images.  

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