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  "Jocasta" is a blocked straw bonnet trimmed with brown cotton velvet, vintage brown moiré and peach rayon taffeta ribbons, emu feathers and a vintage bar pin. The brim trim is pleated to the inside, forming the under brim facing.  The peach ribbon is used for the crown lining. As shown, $165.  AVAILABLE NOW.  Please click photo for additional images. This bonnet may be ordered in your choice of colors and straw, based on availability.   "Edith" is a capote based on an original in my collection and a museum original.  The body is covered in chocolate brown cotton velvet and trimmed with folds and a puff of brown velvet, folds of vintage rust velvet, loops of chocolate brown vintage moire' rayon ribbon and an edging of vintage white cotton trim.  The interior is faced in the brown velvet with a frill of rust velvet.  The crown is lined with brown glazed cotton.  The ties are of the vintage brown moire' rayon ribbon.  $165.00  Sold. Please click photo for additional views.  

  "Aileen" is a peaked brim bonnet of wired buckram, covered in silk taffeta and decorated with a band of taffeta, vintage feathers and a few tails of vintage rayon moire' ribbon.  The brim is bound  with silk taffeta. This style is available with or without grosgrain ribbon ties which may be changed for other colors or removed entirely. Click on photo for additional views $175 as shown. Without feather trim, $155.  This style may also be ordered in your choice of colors, as available. "Aileen" can also be made up as a mourning bonnet in black crape. It is necessary to arrange the hair in such a manner to allow the back of the bonnet to rest on the chignon.  Hatpins are also advisable.  Vintage trim will vary, based on availability. Available now.    "Lilly", a chocolate brown cotton velveteen toque with vintage cotton lace and picot-edge ribbon trim and ties.  The interior brim features a cluster of pink organza ribbon loops.  Click on photo for additional views. $165.  Sold.   Please remember, most sold items can be replicated for you.      


  "Patricia" is a peaked-brim straw bonnet featuring a green silk velvet band, yellow fabric blossoms on the crown and inside the brim and a pleated frill of vintage cotton lace at the brim edge.  Ties and trim are cotton/rayon grosgrain. Brim is faced with dark green silk and the crown is lined with silk net organza.  Based on a Harper's Bazar cover illustration, 1883.  $200. Click on photo for additional views. Sold Please remember, most sold items can be replicated for you.   The same "Lilly" toque style as the bonnet above but dressed for mourning with folds of  black silk crepe and crepe ties. Black silk lining. Blocked and wired buckram base. $155. Click on photos for additional views. Sold  


  Another "Lilly", this one in black silk velvet with blue, black and white striped ribbon, coq feathers and a festoon of vintage black silk satin loops. Black cotton/rayon grosgrain ribbon trims the lower edge and forms the ties.  A vintage jet appliqué graces the crown. The interior is lined with vintage black polished cotton. Please click photo for additional views.  $165.  Sold   Please remember, most sold items can be replicated for you.      The "Lilly" again, in burgundy cotton velvet with black silk satin ties and trim.  Pleated velvet and vintage jet passementerie decorate the back. Vintage black lace graces the left side and center of the brim pouf.  A large vintage rose completes the design.  Interior lined with vintage black cotton. Please click photo for additional views.  $165. Sold   Please remember, most sold items can be replicated for you.     


  "Rebecca" . a  black straw braid bonnet, blocked and wired and based on an original in my collection.  The outer brim is decorated with  black  chantilly lace, lavender fabric flowers, loops of black silk satin, all vintage, and bows of black silk ribbon.  The ties are also silk.  The inner brim features a narrow band of black cotton velvet which covers the wire.  The crown is lined in black silk.  This bonnet is suitable for second or light mourning and may be worn in the 1870's-80's. $140. SOLD Please click photo for additional views. These violets are no longer available but other flowers may be substituted.   "Poppy" is tall-crowned straw hat also called a "Welsh crown." The brim projects slightly in front and is faced with dark brown cotton velvet.  The crown is encircled with a band of vintage dark brown rayon moire' ribbon with a burst of dark brown and sky blue vintage picot-edged rayon ribbon.  As shown, $155.  With handmade flowers (see photos) $165. SOLD Please click photo for additional views. This hat can be created for you with your choice of colors for the trim.  Please enquire for available colors. Also available as an undecorated blank; blocked, wired and sized, $75

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