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"Catherine" is the first of several "Regency" era hats and bonnet styles to be offered.  Based on a bonnet featured in ITV's 2007 production of "Northanger Abbey," "Catherine" is constructed of blocked, wired and sized woven straw with a ruching of ivory silk ribbon on the inside brim.  The crown decoration and ties are brown and black shot silk. This bonnet takes a while to construct as the straw must be coaxed into shape over several blockings.  As shown $155.  SOLD Click on the photo for more images. This bonnet can be made up using other colors of silk, upon request.


"Miss Woodhouse, #1" is a straw plait bicorn based on a hat worn by Kate Beckinsale in the1997 A&E  adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma."  The crown is quite large and will accommodate a profusion of side curls.  The crown is banded with a vintage moiré' grosgrain ribbon accented with fringed changeable rust/black silk.  The front brim features a pleating of the ribbon over a band and cockade of the changeable silk.  I have very few straw bodies that will accommodate this shape, so I will be able to offer only a limited number of these. $155. Sold Click on the photo for more images. This bonnet can be made up using other colors of silk, upon request.


"Lady C", based on a bonnet from 1995 Pride and Prejudice, this buckram-based stovepipe style may be ordered in your choice of colors with a plain or draped (as shown) crown.  The crown on this bonnet is decorated with vintage plumes and  silk organza loops. Decoration of custom bonnets with depend on availability of vintage items. $215. Ties are vintage rayon  taffeta.  $215.  Sold




Created for a custom order, "Mariah" is based on fashion illustrations from 1817.  This version features silk velvet, silk taffeta and early 19th century lace (provided by the client.)  Mariah may be ordered with a plain silk cover (no ruching) and without the very pricy lace.  As shown, $350 plus lace.  In a more simplified version, $215.  Plumes and ribbon loops may be added.  Your choice of colors.










If you're interested in purchasing a custom-made hat from this period, please contact me to discuss it.

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