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  These items are from my display/study collection.  I don't recommend wearing any of the ladies' garments.  The items offered here are a good introduction to original garments...the way they were made and in some cases, the way they were re-made according to necessity.  Handling original garments will give you a better understanding of the fabrics and construction methods used and will help to improve the reenactor's impression a bit.  I've kept the prices within a reasonable range, reflecting the condition of the garments and my desire that these garments find their way into the hands of folks who will not be afraid to study and handle them. New items will be added as time allows. If you have questions about any of the items, please ask.  I can't cover everything in the photos.  I am no longer presenting displays of my clothing collection.

This appears to be an 1860's cotton wrapper, restyled a decade later to accommodate a bustle.  The seams were taken in and the flounce shortened.  The fabric is still crisp.  There are signs of old tear repairs as well as modern patching using white cotton stitched to the wrong side.  There are various stains and small holes but the wrapper displays well on a mannequin with appropriate under support.. Hand and machine stitching were used. The original seams are overcast by hand.  No lining was used. One button is missing. Click photo for more images. $50. Suitable for display, study or pattern.   c.1883 Bustle hoop.  Steel wires joined by linen tapes.  The waistband is closed using a brass buckle with the patent date 1883. Bottom steel approx. 78 inch dia.,  Fastened waist measurement 27 inches, Length at center back 30 inches. Click photo for more images. $75.  Suitable for display, study or pattern. Sold.   1880's bustle dress of corded silk, trimmed with cotton and metallic chemical lace and a metal buckle. Bodice is flat-lined with printed cotton.  All seams and darts are boned.  One of  the cotton underarm stain shields is present. Skirt is lined with cotton, the pleating is faced with cotton and the hem is faced with glace' linen and edged with wool hem tape. A few of the self fabric covered metal buttons are missing.  There are a few stains but the silk is sturdy.  There is a tear on the waistband. Approx. measurements, Bust 32 inches, waist, 27 inches, skirt length, front 38 inches. Click photo for more images. Sold.

1870's 2-piece bustle dress with tablier.  The fabric is silk with a wide brocade stripe edged by narrow satin stripes.  Plum silk satin was used for the center front of the bodice, on the sleeves and as part of the skirt decoration.  There is evidence that the dress has been restyled from an earlier gown. Stamped metal buttons were used on the bodice, several of which are missing. The fabric has a few "issues" but is reasonably sturdy overall. Click photo for more images. Sold. 1860's silk dress updated to a late 60's style.  The skirt was altered to allow fabric for a matching peplum.  Pinked and ruched self-fabric, silk velvet ribbon and brown velvet covered buttons serve as decoration.  The silk fabric has some shattering and is delicate.  Click photo for more images. $40. Suitable for careful display, study or pattern. Note:  the dress was displayed on an Edwardian form, thus altering the bust line in this photo. Sold Dress fragment, date unknown.  The silk brocade fabric appears to be from at least the first half of the 19th century, the original gown restyled.  The color is a stunning hot pink with garlands of white bows running the length of the fabric. There are a few splits here and there.  The sleeves are also included.  Gray silk chiffon forms the draped overlay.  Some seams are chain stitched.  Suitable for study or repurposing. Click photo for more images. Sold..
1860's silk bodice and Swiss waist.  The bodice has severe underarm stains.  The bobbin lace trim has separated from the header in a few places. The decoration incorporates narrow silk velvet ribbon  with the lace.  A Swiss waist, included, was created using the matching evening bodice. I've displayed these items laid out rather than on a form. Click photo for more images. $50. Study, display or pattern. Sold


1850's fan-front silk dress, restyled.  The glossy pinstriped silk is shattering but its construction can be easily studied. This dress was remodeled for a smaller person but retains its 50's style.  Cotton lace cuff trim, cotton braid trim on sleeve jockeys.  Shown above as I displayed it. All hand sewn. Click photo for more images. $25. Study, very careful display or pattern. Sold   1880's floral printed sheer cotton organdy bustle day dress with matching pelerine. Lilac cotton lining and center front of bodice. Self fabric ruffle trim edged with many yards of Valenciennes lace.  There are a number of tears to the organdy, many of which are supported with tulle.  Some staining.  Most of the lace is clean.  I noted no tears to the lace. Professionally made. Click photo for more images. Sold.
Edwardian high top boots in good used condition. 10" long measuring from back of heel to tip of toe.  Sole 2 7/8 inches at the widest point. Some staining to heel. $50. Click photo for more images. Sold    
Late 1850's to early 60's day dress in silk brocade, leaf design.  Fabric has some tears and repairs.  Large 2 piece coat sleeves with applied self fabric decoration at sleeve head and wrist. Appears to be all hand sewn. Skirt is unlined. Click photo for more images. $25. Study, very careful display or pattern. Sold Late 1850's to early 60's silk bodice with pagoda/funnel/bell sleeves with golden brown silk velvet ribbon trim.  All hand sewn.  Some damage to silk. Click photo for more images. $25. Study, display or pattern. Sold


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