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"Gemma" is based on an extant (original) bonnet in the collection of MFA Boston, c.1862-64. The crown is covered in rolled pleats of ivory silk.  The net and wire brim is covered in silk drawn on reed. A frill of ivory rayon English net fills in under the brim while the outer brim features a ruche of embroidered net lace.  The headliner is of white open weave cotton.  The fashion ties are vintage rayon ribbon and the utility ties are of silk ribbon. This bonnet can be made up in other colors and handmade flowers are optional for the under brim.  Pricing depends on your selection.  As shown, $250.  Please click photo for additional views.  Sold Any vintage items used are subject to availability.

"Emma" dates to very late 1864 to 65.  It's based closely on an extant (antique) bonnet in my collection.  Ivory silk taffeta covers the crown with cotton backed silk forming most of the trim.  Ivory silk and vintage rayon ribbons decorate the underbrim area.  Vintage cotton lace edges the back and represents what was, in prior years, a curtain. Rayon taffeta ribbon and silk ribbon are used for dress and utility ties, respectively. Silk is hand-dyed to match. As shown, $200.  Please click photo for additional views.  Sold Any vintage items used are subject to availability. "Valerie" is very similar to "Emma" and is the same late ACW to early reconstruction era. Unlike "Emma," this version has a small true curtain, albeit a narrow one.  The drawn and shirred pattern is taken from an original in my collection.  She is done up here in white with white ties and fluted cotton net trim under the brim.  The ties are German rayon moire'. To see this bonnet with optional flowers under the brim, click the photo to see the gallery. This is another example of a custom-requested bonnet based on an original. As shown, $215.  Sold. Please click photo for additional views. This bonnet can be made up in your choice of color.  

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